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Abandoned Cart REMINDER

Increase your conversions rate by motivating customers recover their abandoned carts.
  • Win Back Inactive Customers
  • Recover Abandoned Carts
  • Request Feedback
  • Product Review Request
  • Recently viewed products history
  • Order Followup after X days


Reward your customers for good behaviour

Points can be awarded automatically (and manually by the merchant) and later redeemed for discounts. Available reward options are:
  • Registration
  • Newsletter signup
  • Product review
  • Tagging product
  • Poll participation
  • Customer’s birthday


Surprise your customers! Send them Gifts !!

Gift Product Extension lets you to give provide your customers with gifts. This would make your customers motivated in making more sales at your stores. Its a a new way of promotion where you can attract your customers.


Product Countdown

Coundown allows a timer to be attached to any product and category in the store. Sell your products quick so you can buy new with better profit margin


Promotional Pop-ups

Promotional Pop-ups are one of the most effective ways of advertising online promotions or growing your email subscriber list. Anyone who has been in business for a while knows that creating and growing your email subscriber list is the most effective way to generate increased sales


Google Adwords Integration

Lets track your conversions to Google Analytics, complete with order items, sources, referrals and all details. It can even remove conversions from analytics report in case of refunding/deleting orders.


But wait, theres more.

  • Comparison site XMLS
  • Third-party live chat integration
  • Product search
  • Public and private wish lists


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